Fireworks 2013

Wokingham Charity Fireworks Spectacular

Saturday 2 November 2013

Fireworks Night 2013 was another spectacular success, although we were very worried about the impact of the wind.  The early evening fully justified the Met Office forecast, with gusts of wind up to 45mph.  If this had continued the display would have been severely curtailed, and it may have needed interruptions to wait for gusts to pass.

To partly alleviate potential problems we re-located the launch area to a different corner of the field and the display operators prepared an alternative display format.  However, as if by miracle the wind almost completely died just five minutes before the display began.  This allowed us to give an almost full display that greatly exceeded our expectations.

We raised nearly £19,000 from the event, which will be distributed to charity within the newt few weeks.

We would like to thank all those who helped to make the event such a success including:

  • Wokingham Information Centre, Tescos, Barclays Bank, Newbury Building Society and Clarks Shoes for selling programmes
  • Wokingham Borough Council and Wokingham Town Council for their support and help.
  • SEBEV, Easthampstead Rotary Club, Wokingham Rotary Club, Wokingham Lions Club and our friends in other Unicorn Clubs for their help on the day
  • Starfield Fireworks for putting on such a wonderful display.  They have provided the fireworks every year we have run the event and treat us favourably in view of our long friendship and the fact that the event is run for charity.
  • Heart FM for providing the music
  • The Red Cross for providing medical cover
  • Acorn Caravan and Trailer Hire for the loan of a caravan
  • Thames Valley Police for helping ensure that the evening is trouble-free
  • Balfour Beatty for the loan of traffic management signs

But most of all we thank the public for attending  and supporting us.

Windsor Forest Unicorn Club, with help from  Thames West Unicorn Club, have now run Wokingham Fireworks for 25 years.  Although we organise it ourselves we call on other clubs to help us on the day, including other Unicorn clubs and local Rotary clubs.  However, we have decided that it is time to consider handing over the baton.  We have therefore formed a consortium with Wokingham Rotary Club, Easthampstead Rotary Club and Wokingham Lions Club to organise future events.  We will still be actively involved, but will no longer take overall responsibility.